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  1. Clojure/sustain

    We believe in the idea of sustainability in software development. Open source software is a measurable benefit to the economy, to companies, and to individual developers. Clojure/core seeks to create a sustainable environment for Clojure to thrive.

    • We Sustain Clojure

      Every member of the Clojure/core team spends at least 20% of normal working hours tending to Clojure itself: adding new features to the language, helping organize community contributions, tending support tickets and the mailing list, and ensuring that practical lessons learned by field deployments find their way back into planning Clojure’s future.

Why Clojure/core

We combine the deep technical understanding of the creator of Clojure with the best practices of a premier agile development company to provide expert development. We are the core development team for Clojure itself, and we invest back into Clojure every week in order to sustain the platform and the community.

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Why Clojure

Complexity threatens to overwhelm the modern programmer. Rather than getting things done, it is all too easy to focus on tangential problems caused by the technology itself. Clojure was created to combat this state of affairs through: Simplicity, Empowerment and Focus.

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Simplicity, Power, Joy

Clojure is built from the ground up to be simple. Code is data. Functions are easy to write and test. Data is immutable, and state is explicit. Protocols and types expose the usable parts of OO, minus the pain. You don't have to settle for familiar complexity.


Don't throw away your existing code! Clojure is built on top of the JVM, the most widely used deployment platform today. Clojure provides fast, wrapper-free access to Java code, plus powerful new ways to use that code better.


Focus comes when you can work at the right level of abstraction. Clojure's design lets you start work immediately on your problems, not tool problems. Clojure's Lisp heritage provides the features you need to keep ancillary problems out of your way throughout a project's lifecycle.

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